Campaign Toolkit

This Campaign Toolkit provides resources, templates and tips to support the campaign for a Coalition commitment to 50 Regional Energy Hubs (also known as Community Powerhouses).

Who is this Toolkit for?

The Kit is aimed primarily at community energy local groups and advocates who are located in Coalition-held federal electorates but the resources can be used by anyone wishing to push for Regional Energy Hubs as part of their campaigning efforts.  However, the resources can also be adapted for state MPs and federal MP of other parties.

What’s in the Toolkit?

  1. Guide to using the Toolkit

  2. MP Meeting Resources (Coalition) or MP Meeting Resources (ALP/Greens/Independents) - to line up an MP meeting on Community Powerhouses, push for meaningful commitments during the meeting and follow up afterwards.

    1. Meeting request email template

    2. Follow up calls and tips for securing your MP meeting

    3. Meeting agenda template

    4. After the meeting

  3. Attend a Candidates Forum and ask a question - A good question might be: 

My name is [insert name] and I'm involved in [community energy group name]. We are one of more than 70community energy groups across the country that are working to develop innovative community-owned renewable energy projects. I wanted to ask the candidates whether they support they proposal developed by the Smart Energy Communities Campaign to establish 50 Community Powerhouses across Australia? We would like to see a Community Powerhouse in this electorate to support local clean energy innovation.

  1. Letter to your MP Template - to send to MPs to introduce the policy and ask for their stance on it, if you are not able to do a meeting

  2. Local Media Resource - to support you to get local media about the campaign and your community energy project.

    1. Tips for getting media

    2. Template Media Release
  3. Local Event Resources - to give ideas for drawing your MPs attention to community support for the policy by running a local event OR raising the policy at other local events.

    1. Tips for running your own local event to push Community Powerhouses

    2. Tips for raising Community Powerhouses at other local events

  4. MP Commitment Tracking Form - to let the Community Powerhouse campaign coordinators know about any intel you’ve gathered or commitments you’ve secured.

  5. Smart Energy Communities Policy Briefer - to give to MPs and others to explain the Community Powerhouses policy in a nutshell and present key arguments in support of it.

These resources were developed for the 2016 Federal Election Campaign we will be updating them to be relevant to state and federal MPs in the upcoming weeks.

Any Questions?

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