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Australia’s Renewable Energy Target is under attack--the government has announced a review of the RET led by a panel of individuals with vested interests in fossil fuels. The handpicked panel membership shows clear evidence that the Abbott Government is looking to cut the RET, if not remove it all together.

Communities across Australia are developing innovative enterprise models to deliver renewable energy in their regions, towns and cities. A strong Renewable Energy Target is imperative in helping these projects—ranging from shared solar installations to community-scale bioenergy and wind farms—get off the ground and become economically viable.

Protecting the Australian Renewable Energy Target is essential to maintaining the growth of the community renewable energy sector. Now is the time for a strong display of community support!

See below for key messages:

  • There are over 45 community renewable energy projects in development across Australia -- a weakened RET threatens these project and the overall growth of the community energy sector. These projects provide opportunities to leverage the entrepreneurial spirit of community members and build the skills, knowledge and capacity of local people to deliver renewable energy.
  • The RET policy as it stands is a crucial component of the economic viability of community-owned renewable energy projects.
  • At a time when the government is planning to demolish other forms of carbon reduction, keeping the RET 41,000GWh by 2020 target is particularly crucial. The target has been successful in supporting the uptake of renewable energy, something that must continue into the future both for carbon reduction, and for long-term electricity affordability.
  • The RET should be structured to encourage more community ownership of renewable energy projects, a proven model for increasing community benefit and reducing community division around energy developments.
  • We need to reverse the recent politicisation of renewable energy and provide stability for the sector by reducing the constant cycle of reviews and keeping the responsibility with the Climate Change Authority.

Get Involved!

There are many ways to do your part in protecting the Renewable Energy Target!

Make a Submission

Public submissions to The Renewable Energy Target Review Panel close on 16 May!

Making a submission is easy! Use the RET Review form  to send a personal submission or use this template submission from Hepburn Wind, Australia’s first community owned wind farm. It should only take a few minutes, but public comments are crucial to show public support for the RET.

Make sure your voice is heard to support continued growth of the community energy sector by making a submission today! Once you’ve sent in your submission, get others involved by sharing through your social networks and community groups! Sample posts include:

FB post
I just made a RET submission to stand up for community renewable energy! Let’s use Australia’s abundant sun and wind for clean community energy. Don’t let big business kill the Renewable Energy Target, make a submission here!

Twitter post
I made a RET submission. Let’s use Australia’s abundant sun and wind for clean community energy. Don’t let big business kill the RET.

Host a RET Road Trip Event!

The Friends of the Earth’s Yes 2 Renewables campaign has organised a fact-finding RET Road Trip to demonstrate widespread community support for the RET and start conversations across Australia. The events through the road trip have been as unique as the community energy projects across Australia and highlight the lack of community consultation occurring as part of the RET review process.

So far, Yes 2 Renewables has organised 11 events as part of the road trip – one a week in the lead up to when the panel delivers its report.

In order to take the Road Trip to the nation-wide next level, the Coalition for Community Energy has partnered with Friends of the Earth to help local groups take on organising events in their own area.

Organising a RET Road Trip event is easy, but the impact of engaging your community and generating positive media visibility around the RET campaign is crucial! We’ve created a simple guide to help you get started: download the How To Guide!

Once you’ve pick your date and location, don’t forget to register your event here!

If we stand together in strong support of the RET, hundreds of communities stand to benefit from the transformation of the energy sector!

To find out more about community energy and what’s happening in the community energy sector, check out:

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