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Right across Australia local communities are working hard to set up community-owned renewable energy projects to power their towns and buildings. But, like any new industry, they need financial assistance to achieve this. .  


 We are calling on the federal government to establish a $50 million grant program to support the development stage of community renewable energy projects.


 By signing this petition you can help make community energy a reality. 


Already, we've taken this petition to Canberra and recieved interest from all three major political parties. We met with the offices of the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition, as well as key ministers, MPs, and heads of key departments. We inspired the nations leaders with our message of communities across Australia taking practical action on climate change. Now we need to keep up the pressure!

 Why is this important?

Over 38 communities across Australia are developing community owned wind and solar projects, but only two are up and running. If the other 36 groups don’t receive start-up assistance soon, we risk the early momentum withering away.


 Community-owned renewable energy projects cut carbon pollution and bring new life to regional and rural Australia. Most importantly, they pave the path for an Australia powered by renewable energy that’s owned by everyday people, not big energy companies with vested interests in fossil fuels.


 The solution is simple: a new fund to help projects through the difficult early stages - from inception, feasibility studies, planning approval, all the way to becoming investment-ready. Economic modelling has shown $50 million could support 170 projects to the investment-ready stage over the next 6 years1. Support now could kick-start the community-energy sector and unlock over $500 million in community investment.


 With your support, we can unlock the potential for communities to invest in their own renewable energy future.




















1 These figures are based on a study done by Marsden Jacob Associates to model the likely impacts of a $50 Million CRE Grant Fund. The study was commissioned by the Community Power Agency.

Background Photo courtesy of Hepburn Wind, from their turbine raising festival in March 2011.

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